Funded by the European Union

Cosmic Ray Tomograph for Identification of Hazardous and Illegal Goods hidden in Trucks and Sea Containers

Our values

Deliver innovative capatibilities in the field of Non Intrusive Inspection with the introduction of Cosmic Ray detection for cargo.

Thrive in capitalizing our partner’s domain of expertise, diversity throughout common values of integrity, safety, respect, quality and leadership.

Our goals

<p><strong>Safely</strong> compare conventional X-ray</p>

Safely compare conventional X-ray Vs. natural cosmic ray to generate more accurate cargo compliance evaluation.

<p>More <strong>flexible</strong> and less bureaucratic</p>

More flexible and less bureaucratic as the new scanning method would not fall under traditional radiation regulations

<p>Representing actual <strong>detection power</strong></p>

Representing actual detection power instead of the deterrence effect by enabling both, 3D image and composition of the detected materials

<p>Prototype of a <strong>Smart and cost-efficient</strong> scanner</p>

Develop a Prototype of a Smart and cost-efficient scanner which will include ML algorithms allowing automated and remote management of the data with less human interaction

<p>Helps to <strong>reduce risks</strong></p>

Helps to reduce risks of corrupted border workers due to the automated solution

<p>Significantly <strong>faster</strong></p>

Significantly faster and 3 - 7.5 times higher throughput due to its particular drive-in design and shorter scanning time (2-5 min) compared to x-ray and gamma-ray (15 min)


Partners European & International Talents


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Our new website is live

Today we launch the new SilentBorder web site to support the new and exciting project pushing the boundaries on cosmic-ray technology (CRT) and how this can help border guard, customs and law enforcement in thier…