Our values

SilentBorder is an EU funded project aiming at creating the future of cargo non-intrusive inspections equipment with the incorporation of Cosmic ray technology. SilentBorder is oriented to deliver the following research scope:

Develop a new safe method for cargo compliance evaluation based on natural cosmic rays and evaluate the benefits with respect to conventional X-ray methods.

  • To provide more flexible and less bureaucratic scanning technology whist reducing the possibility for error
  • To develop a more flexible and less bureaucratic as the new scanning method would not fall under traditional radiation regulations
  • Representing actual detection power instead of the deterrence effect by enabling both, 3D image and composition of the detected materials
  • Develop a prototype of a smart and cost-efficient scanner which will include machine learning algorithms allowing automated and remote management of the data with less human interaction
  • Helps to reduce risks and increase quality control whilst reducing the possibility for human error
  • Enhance EU border security against smuggling of radioactive materials
  • Significantly faster and 3 – 7.5 times higher throughput due to its particular drive-in design and shorter scanning time (2-5 min) compared to x-ray and gamma-ray (15 min)

« This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101021812 »