University of Tartu (founded in 1632) is the oldest, largest and the only classical university in Estonia with more than 14 5000 students and 1 800 academic staff members. UT is Estonia’s leading center of research and training. Research at the university focuses on subjects as diverse as medicine and philosophy, genetics and computer science.

In SilentBorder, the Institute of Technology is the coordinating partner. The intelligent computer vision (iCV) research lab in the institute is an interdisciplinary research lab established in 2013. The iCV staff at UT conducts research on such topics as image analysis, human machine interaction, object recognition, and machine learning.

The laboratory of nuclear spectroscopy has been established in 1991. The scientific background of the staff is in the field of radiation protection, nuclear, particle and radiation physics. In the recent years the lab has been orienting its research towards muon tomography, development of tomographic methods and development of position-sensitive particle detectors.

Involvement in the project

Is the project coordinator and leads mainly monte-carlo modelling, machine learning tasks for object reconstruction, denoising and material recognition. UT will also work on visualization of the results.