Maximilian Pérez Prada, Sarah Barnes and Maurice Stephan

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Cosmic ray tomography is an emerging imaging technique utilizing an ambient source of radiation. One common tomography method is based on the measurement of muons scattered by the examined objects, which allows the reconstruction and discrimination of materials with different properties. From the interaction of air shower particles induced through cosmic rays with the material to be scanned, secondary particles, predominantly photons, neutrons and electrons, can be produced, which carry complementary information about the objects and their materials. However, this information is currently not fully exploited or only studied in coincidence with the incoming air shower particles. Therefore, this work presents a novel approach utilizing only the information from secondary particles to reconstruct and discriminate objects made out of a variety of materials. It also includes a detailed analysis of the kinematics of secondary particles and their dependency on material characteristics. In addition, a reconstruction algorithm to produce 3D maps of the examined volume from the measurement of secondary particles is introduced. This results in a successful reconstruction and differentiation of objects in various geometrical compositions.