We are thrilled to announce that our team will be attending several exciting conferences and events this year. One of the standout events on our calendar is the World Customs Organization (WCO) Technology & Innovation Forum, which will be held in Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam in October.

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This conference will bring together leading experts in customs and trade to explore the latest technological advancements, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and automation. Our team will be on hand to talk about latest trends and developments in the field of muon scanning technology.

In addition to the WCO Technology & Innovation Forum, we are also looking forward to attending Milipol, a leading international event dedicated to homeland security and safety. This event will take place in Paris in November, and will feature exhibitors from around the world showcasing the latest technologies and solutions in the field of security.

Our experts will also be present at the 16th Topical Seminar on Innovative Particle and Radiation Detectors (IPRD23) 25-29 September 2023 Siena, Italy. (Find out more)

Our team is excited to network with fellow professionals and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in these important fields. We look forward to sharing our insights and experiences with our colleagues and clients, and to bringing back valuable knowledge and expertise to our organization.